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Empowering, Educating, and Healing Lives through Visceral Therapy and Osteopathy

At The Powerful Living Center, we are passionate about empowering individuals to achieve healing through Visceral Therapy and Osteopathy.

From Challenge Came Purpose

Our journey began in 2013, after the challenging birth of our son. Faced with health problems and disability diagnoses, we embarked on a journey to explore the world of alternative and traditional health practices.

Along the way, we found a lot of methods that worked and a few that did not. So, we opened our center in Kelowna, BC, out of a desire to help other people achieve the same success we have had over the years.

It was a big step for us to decide to move to Calgary, AB, so our son could get better therapy. After moving to a new city and selling our old practice, our clinic proudly reopened in 2017.

Our dedication to making people’s lives better is shown by the fact that our son has made amazing progress, defying original diagnoses and surprising doctors with his improvements. This has challenged the notion that one must be defined by their diagnosis, proving that change and improvement are possible.

We encourage you to see what can change in your own life.


Continuously expanding our own abilities and exploring new therapies, we are delighted to help you reduce pain and embrace life to the fullest. To achieve optimal healing, we take a holistic approach that includes empowerment, educational opportunities, and manual therapy.

The Powerful Living Center specializes in:

The following is a list of specialities offered in the center by Lee Botbijl and that each session booked will encompass all or some of these based on each client’s unique needs.

Myofascial Unwinding

A technique that targets the fascia, a connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles and organs. By releasing tension and restrictions in the fascia, this therapy helps alleviate pain, improve mobility, and restore balance.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A gentle hands-on approach that focuses on releasing restrictions in the craniosacral system. By restoring the natural rhythm and balance of the cerebrospinal fluid, this therapy promotes relaxation, relieves tension, and facilitates the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Visceral Manipulation

A gentle manual technique to assess and improve the mobility and function of the internal organs. This therapy supports digestive health, enhances organ function, and promotes overall well-being.

Polarity Therapy

A holistic approach that focuses on balancing the body’s energy flow. Through gentle touch and manipulation, this therapy aims to harmonize the body’s energetic fields, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Learn about more specialties when you come in for you treatment.

In What Ways Might Visceral Osteopathy Help?

The treatment intends to increase fluid circulation, strengthen ligaments, and return organs to their normal positions. By stimulating the body’s own recuperative mechanisms, visceral osteopathy also prevents the onset of disease. It’s a good remedy for a variety of ailments, including:


If you are unsure if we can help, but would like to find out, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to review any of your documents and symptoms to asses if we can support you before seeing us in center.

Purchase And Giveback

When you purchase any of our services, you will also be giving back and helping children with Cerebral Palsy enjoy life!

Our center proudly supports our local Cerebral Palsy Association

The Cerebral Palsy Association consists primarily of children with Cerebral Palsy, and they are here to help families along the journey. The clinic owner’s son was diagnosed in 2012 with Cerebral Palsy and since then, supporting the association has been a big part of what we do.

Have peace of mind knowing that for every therapy you get, a portion of the revenue goes back into our community!

Referral Program

Our popular $25 for you, $25 for them referral program is back and running strong! Spread the word about our exceptional services, and both you and your friend will receive a $25 credit for your next appointment.

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